Healthy Marriage

Healthy marriage relationships don’t just happen. My husband and I have been married for 12 years. There was the honeymoon phase, which was absolutely blissful. Fast forward two years later and we had our first daughter and WOW! Things sure did shift. Our love for one another continued to grow strong but the demands of parenthood required another level of patience, understanding, operating as one and standing as a united front.

Parenthood was and still is filled with joy and happiness, but caring for a newborn was more than we had anticipated *insert baby crying at 2am here*. Warming bottles in the middle of the night, changing diapers, rocking the baby to sleep, scheduled immunizations, setting up and breaking down the stroller oh my my my the list goes on and on. Throw leaving a full time job and branching out as an entrepreneur into the mix and well, we’ll just save that for another blog post. This was a very trying time in our marriage but we made it through.

I’d like to share a confession that has encouraged me and I truly believe has helped our marriage. Just below I have listed marriage confessions for wives.
In the name of Jesus, I (your name) am a wise woman who builds by my house.

Any strategy, trick, plot or scheme of the enemy to tear down my house or destroy my marriage is exposed and shall not prosper.

In the name of Jesus, I (your name) am confident in my own prayers and I cover my husband in prayer everyday throughout the day.

I am sensitive to disturbances in the realm of the spirit. In the name of Jesus, I quickly use the sword of the spirit to cut off, annihilate and crush to powder every principality and work of darkness.

(More Confessions Coming Soon!)

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